Jew & Christian Banned from “Open” Muslim Event in Toronto

by Avi Abelow

Independent investigative journalist Laura Loomer and Toronto Mayoral candidate Faith Goldy tried to enter the “open to all” Muslim ‘Carry the Light Convention’ in Toronto. The authorities stopped Loomer and Goldy from being able to enter. The whole purpose of their attendence was to highlight the appearance of voices within the Muslim community at the convention that radicalize the Muslim population. While the mainstream media, and the authorities, ignore the dangers of jihadi/sharia Islam, and its growth in the West, Loomer is a journalist doing the very important work to highlight it in order to try to save the West.

Laura Loomer Reports from the Event

The following truth is critical to the survival of the freedom loving world that Loomer and Goldy try to highlight. When Muslims are the minority in western cultures, they scream minority rights at the top of their lungs.  But when they become the majority there are no minority rights…One just has to look at every country where Islamic regimes rule.


Arab Incitement
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