Jared Kushner Reveals First Part of President Trump’s Deal of the Century

by Avi Abelow

Jared Kushner reveals a ten-year economic plan for a $50 billion global investment fund in the Middle East to be outlined at the upcoming Bahrain conference. Since the Palestinian Authority has consistently said no to every peace deal offered, the economic aspect of the Trump deal of the century aims to reduce poverty and unemployment rates significantly incentivizing the Palestinian Authority to finally take seriously the aim of ending the conflict with Israel. Those of us who understand that the ultimate aim of the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and all the Arabs involved in the armed conflict against Israel is the ultimate destruction of Israel, know that even these unbelievable economic incentives won’t bring “peace”.

Jared Kushner is a White House senior adviser who was tasked by the President to work with Jason Greenblatt and US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman on the deal of the century between Israel and her Arab enemies. All past US Presidents have focused their peace deals on forcing Israel to give away land in return for a promise of “peace” from the palestinian Arabs.

Ever since President Bill Clinton first tried this approach, the Palestinian Authority has always consistently said NO, even as Israel was forced to agree to give away more and more of our land, with each consecutive peace deal.

President Trump’s approach has been much different. He learnt that pressuring Israel to give away land is a failed approach. Not only did it not achieve peace, but it kept alive the sad state of the Arabs, left to live under a Palestinian Authority and Hamas leadership that did nothing to help improve the lives of their own Arab populations. From the billions of $ in aid received by the world year after year, the Palestinian Authority did nothing to invest in building up their economy, did nothing to invest in hospitals, education or even building projects to replace the refugee camps their people have been living in for 70 years. Instead, the leaders of the Palestinian Authority pocketed the money to become rich and invested in purchasing rockets and building terror tunnels to attack Israel.

Instead of the failed approach of his predecessors, President Trump’s plan is focused on helping the people themselves, jumping over the failed leadership of the palestinian Arabs. Trump’s plan offers enormous economic benefits, not just to the Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, but also to in neighboring Arab countries, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon.

More than half of the $50 billion would be spent in the economically troubled Palestinian territories over 10 years while the rest would be split between Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan. It also includes a $5 billion transportation corridor to connect the West Bank and Gaza.

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