I’ve Never Laughed So Hard At a Music Video! The Voca People Are Hilariously Amazing!

by Phil Schneider

The Voca People are probably the most unique musical sensation that emanates from the Land of Israel.  They have performed in front of millions, but more people know them from their online video performances like the one below.  They use no instruments and are 100% a-Capella and beat-box.

Israeli Group – Multiple Languages

Enjoy Toccata and Fuge in D minor by Bach, I Get Around by The Beach Boys, Holiday by Madonna, Sweet Dreams with the Eurythmics, Cotton Eyed Joe by Rednex and much much more.

What makes them so unique is not just their musical talents and their freaky dress, but their wit.  They truly entertain with their amazing mix of song and comedy.

Their website puts it like this:  “Full of energy and bursting with comedy and fun, this international phenomenon features more than 80 all-time favorite hits from Madonna to Michael Jackson via Mozart! No instruments, no sound effects – just eight incredible, talented singer-comedians.”

Voca People


They perform in North and South America, all over Europe, China, and Central America too.


The New York Times

“The coolest show ever”
Jimmy Fallon, Late night with Jimmy Fallon

New York Post

“…repeated standing ovations for the dazzling Voca People, the virtuosos of voice and beat-box”

The Voca People is an Israeli based ensemble that performs locally and around the world.  They change the language and songs according to the country where they happen to be performing. A total hit!

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