American actor visits Israel and discovers something surprising about the Jewish people

by Leah Rosenberg

American actor Frank Grillo took a trip to Israel. And he absolutely loved it. He tells Jimmy Fallon unbelievable things about the Jewish state.

Frank Grillo on Jimmy Fallon

Frank Grillo’s visit to Israel was better than he expected. Based on what he tells Jimmy Fallon, it is obviously that he was pleasantly surprising by how much he learned and discovered in Israel. Grillo even said that it “changed his DNA.”

He also said, “I never felt safer in my life. I feel more threatened in Beverley Hills than I do in Tel Aviv, Israel.” That is something the whole world should know. People think that Israel is a war zone and that it is dangerous wherever you walk. But this American actor is telling the world otherwise.

Discovering the Truth about Israel

Grillo realized that Israel is truly an amazing place. He discovered that the people are tough. They are forced to be because they are surrounded by tens of hostile nations.

Frank Grillo even changed his mindset. He understood that Israelis live differently than he does. He said, “It really wound up changing my entire being. And as being an American, to come back and then look at my friends who were trying to decide on which third or fourth car they should buy…” Grillo felt his values changed.

It is remarkable to see someone who comes to Israel and discovers the truth. Not only just “someone,” but someone who is in in the spotlight.

More people should listen to what Frank Grillo says about Israel and the Jewish people.


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