Israel’s Security Takes A Hit Because Of Coronavirus

by Phil Schneider

The security situation of the State of Israel is always one where Israel must never let down it’s guard. It has been like this since before the creation of the State of Israel. There is no question that Israel’s enemies are able to both focus on the Corona threat within their countries and to focus on their battle against the Jewish State.

There is ample experience that the world has seen of dictators trying to take advantage of difficult times in the world to advance their agendas. During World War II, Stalin was just as focused on spreading the forces of Communism as he was in defeating the Nazi threat to the Soviet Union. Even friends of the United States, like Great Britain seemed quite focused on keeping as much of the British Empire in tact after World War II despite the fact that they were literally fighting for their lives against the Nazis.

In today’s day and age, China, the source of the Coronavirus, may indeed be trying to use the world pandemic to advance their status as a world power. It is simply unbelievable that the United States needs to work hard to get the masks they need from China in order to save the lives of brave health-care workers on the front-lines. Both the United States and the State of Israel need to learn from this pandemic how absolutely critical it is to be as independent as possible of dictatorial countries from supplying critical supplies in the event of an emergency. Israel is already pretty good at this. One of the most important lessons that the United States will learn from this pandemic is what the boy scouts have been teaching for decades – be prepared. But even more important, the lesson that we are all learning the hard way is to be independent too.


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