Israel’s new defense system that every country is dying to have

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel is one of the world’s leaders in technology. From creating a new defense system to helping generate clean water, Israel is changing the world.

The Newest Defense System

Don’t you feel like Israel is always coming out with some new defense system? Or a new miracle drug? Agricultural technology? Medical breakthrough? Water purification system? Well, they kind of are!

The Jewish state is nothing short of miraculous. And that’s the thing – its very existence is miraculous. And so, the Israeli people want to live up to that standard. They continue to bring more and more to the world because that is what they know how to do: Persevere, dedicate themselves, triumph in the face of struggle. It is in the nature of the Jewish people not to give up. They are stubborn – which has its negative side as well, of course. But if you take a look at all that Israel has created and developed for the world, it is truly inspiring.

What Are You Trying to BDS?

It seems funny, doesn’t it? To boycott Israel? Israel has provided so much for the world. And some of their developments are not even for Israel – they are just to help other nations.

Who would ever want to boycott a state like that? What is also humorous is that organizations like the BDS Movement do not really plant to boycott Israel if they will suffer from the boycott. For example, the founder of the BDS Movement Omar Barghouti said that if Israel develops a vaccine for COVID-19, it is permissible to use. Doesn’t that make you want to laugh? If he truly felt like Israel should be boycotted, he would not make exceptions. And yet, he does. He also says if Israel found the cure for cancer or anything else, then it’s not a problem to benefit from Israel.

The moral? Israel is clearly a country that benefits the world. The BDS Movement just does not want to admit it. Then they would have no more movement!


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