Israel’s economic success is breaking records

by Chaya Cikk

For such a small country Israel’s economic success is absolutely mind-blowing. It is absolutely amazing to see how far Israel’s economy has come in such a short time.

Economic Success

Israel a country less than 100 years old and the economy is thriving like crazy. Did you know that it is the second-fastest-growing economy in the world? How crazy is that? Who would have thought Israel could have achieved so much in so little time.

Even more so, there are over 350 Research and Development Centres across Israel. These centers are from major tech companies such as Google, Intel, Microsoft. Israel is also ahead in the technology industry, science industry, medicine, agriculture and so much more. Technology advancements help the economy grow.

One of the great things about Israel is that the unemployment rate is low. Over 90% of the population of Israel is working. Now all these people that are employed have an income to spend. The money then goes back into the economy. Just one of the great things that help the economy grow and become stronger.

Furthermore, Israel is one of the only developed countries that has not experienced a decline in credit ratings in the last 30 years! That’s unbelievable when you compare it to other countries.

Additionally, tourism helps Israel’s economy succeed. The number of tourists that come to Israel every year is unbelievable. Whether they come for the beaches or to see friends. Staying in the hotels and buying gifts from the Israeli stores’ really helps the economy grow.

Finally, there is nothing better than a country that has a great and strong economy. Even with all the boycotting, that is done across the world, against Israel. The country still manages to come out on top. Israel’s economy should continue to grow and be successful. Take that BDS!

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