Israeli Wristband Might Stop All Drowning Deaths – You Won’t Believe How

by Leah Rosenberg

No more drowning? If this Israeli company hopefully gets this lifesaver wristband on the market soon, the world will change completely.

Israeli Company Aims to Prevent Drowning Deaths

How remarkable is this young country of just over 75 years? Israelis are always trying to make the world a better place. This time, they are working to prevent drowning deaths.

It’s truly amazing if you think about it. If this invention gets on the market, imagine how many lives will be saved. Imagine how many people can go to the beach a little more relaxed knowing that they have something to save their lives if G-d forbid they are to need it. And all thanks to Israelis who care about life and saving people worldwide.

But for those who really know the truth about Israel, they should not be surprised. In such a short time as a modern state, Israel has given so much to the world. Israelis continuously try to do good – from finding cures for different diseases to creating things that improve our daily lives.

The world has greatly benefited from what has been developed in Israel. And whether or not the BDS Movement and other Israel-haters want to admit it, it’s nearly impossible to go through life without using some type of Israeli technology or invention. It makes you wonder: If Israel has done so much good for the world, why would anyone want to boycott it? Would anyone really choose to boycott this Israeli invention that can prevent drowning?

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