14 Year Old Girl Gives the Greatest Speech Ever Given to a Woke School Board

by Phil Schneider

There is something very wrong with the fact that school boards need to be taught by young 14 year olds how problematic it is for children to be taught transgender sensitivity in the classroom.

The moral decadence of much of the Western world is growing by leaps and bounds with every new level of madness in the world of sexuality. There has perhaps never been a time like today when moral depravity has taken such great leaps backward.

What it all goes back to is the removal of G-d from the lexicon. It is the removal of any form of an absolute in the world. Once moral relativism reigns, there are indeed absolutely no holds barred. Once there are no red lines, we now see that the slippery slope is actually a steep cliff with no way of stopping the descent.

There is only one reason to be optimistic. G-d. The entire rejection of G-d in this world is based on a big lie, namely, that there is no order to anything in this world. That is simply a falsety that has been proven time and again throughout history. But indeed, it is a Hidden Hand, nearly all of the time. Nonetheless, there will be a great awakening. When that time comes, all of the depravity of the present will wither away. For now, watch your children and be very careful where you put them in school.

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