Israeli Technology Helps in Amazing Rescue of Boys Trapped in Thailand Cave

by Avi Abelow

What an amazing twist to a frightening story. The boys were on a hike with their soccer team in a 10 km long cave in Thailand. They were trapped inside for 10 days after flash floods stranded them inside.

An Israeli technology company jumped in to assist in the communications efforts of the divers searching for the boys in the cave.

What Happened?

The boys went missing on June 23. They went on a hike in a 10-kilometer long cave system in the northern region of Chiang Rai, Thailand. The cave became flooded due to flash floods in the regions. The boys were missing for 10 days, with a massive rescue effort to find them and save them.

Initial rescue attempts were hampered by a number of factors. Due to the flash floods the water level in the cave system was rising, making the diving efforts challenging. The other major obstacle was the lack of communication between first responders due to the underground caves. Smartphones and all existing communication systems do not work down there.

The Israeli communications company Maxtech was contacted by Thai naval special forces shortly after the boys went missing.

The Technology

Due to their special communications system, Maxtech knew that they could help and they jumped right in to assist in the rescue effort.

Their system uses small devices, similar to handheld radios, that pass wireless communications between each other. These devices enable a communication link in places where regular radios won’t work.

It took 19 of the devices to complete the link to the boys in the cave. They have enough battery power for 10 hours’ use at a time.

Rescue efforts are still ongoing to try to get the boys out of the cave. Thankfully, their families and the authorities know that they are alive. Even without food, the boys have survived on drinking clean water dripping in the cave.

The Moment They Found The Boys

News Report on the Rescue Effort

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