Israeli Taxi Driver Brutally Attacked in PA-Ruled City of Nablus

by Leah Rosenberg

Nablus, or Shechem, is currently ruled by the Palestinian Authority. Even though it really belongs to Jews, Jews are told they can’t go there.

Israeli Taxi Driver Attacked After Driving into Nablus

The Israeli taxi driver entered Nablus to have work done on his car. He was then attacked by local Arabs who realized he was Israeli. Can you imagine? Those Arabs are NOT peaceful! Who can make peace with people who attack a taxi driver like this?

Thank G-d, this taxi driver is alive. He could have been killed after entering Nablus, a city under the control of the Palestinian Authority. It is crazy that it is so dangerous for Israelis to travel into PA ruled cities. Yet, it is totally safe for Arab Muslims to walk or drive through Jewish cities or towns. And then the world claims that Israel is an apartheid state? Absolutely ludicrous!

What is even crazier is that this taxi driver was detained by police for entering a “dangerous” area! If the Israeli government officially recognized it as dangerous, why do Leftist politicians sell the Israeli public the lie of making peace with these people? They can’t have both opinions. They are contradicting themselves!

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