Israeli Tanks Reach The Center Of Khan Yunis, Continue To Fight In Jabaliya

by David Mark

Reports are streaming in that Israeli tanks have reached the heart of Khan Yunis and IDF soldiers are in fierce combat with Hamas fighters in the second largest city in the Gaza Strip.

Israel is making serious headway into Southern Gaza at the same time it is still fighting in Gaza’s North. Hamas continues to fire rockets at Southern communities, including the city of Beer Sheva. The IDF believes that Hamas’ leadership is hiding in Khan Yunis.

The Iranian backed Houthis continued to assault Israel by firing another surface to surface missile at Eilat. Israel’s Arrow defense system was able to knock it out.

Hezbollah has continued to fire anti-tank rockets at Israel – Israel has been responding back with artillery strikes.

The Day After Already Taking Shape

The fighting in the Gaza Strip seems to be leading Israel to a post Hamas situation where the IDF will split the Strip into at least three if not more sections. Gazans who do not eventually return to their country of origin like many who came from Egypt, will have to live under full Israeli security control in one of the cantons being actively created by the IDF. With the lack of any other realistic option, this cantonization of the Gaza Strip appears to already be taking shape.

The IDF is actively splitting the Southern part of the Gaza Strip from not only the Northern Gaza City (whatever remains of it), but also the center of Gaza, returning it to the thirds that former Prime Minister Sharon insisted was necessary to control security in the strip.

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