Israeli National Anthem Played in Qatar for First Time in History

by Leah Rosenberg

The Israeli national anthem, Hatikvah, can make people emotional in general. But when it is played in Qatar – that’s a new level of emotion.

Israeli National Anthem in Qatar

Wow. This is a moment that will go down in the history books. When the Israeli national anthem is being played in a place like Qatar, the world is changing. There were a lot of accomplishments that took place in Qatar. The fact that it was an Israeli gymnast, Alexander Shatilov, that took home the gold for the floor exercise in the FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Cup series is something noteworthy by itself. But then, Hatikvah was played!

Hatikvah literally means “The Hope.” It is a very apropos name for Israel’s national anthem. The Jewish people have clung to hope since the beginning of time. They are a people that have been stepped upon and oppressed, and yet, they come out stronger. You can only do that if you have a positive outlook on life; if you are living for something greater than yourself.

Look at how far the people of Israel have come. They are winning gold medals in world championships and having their national anthem played in Arab countries! It is truly amazing for those who know the history of the Jewish people and the history of Israel.

Israel won more than just a sports award here.

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