After 30 Hours Body Of Israeli Druze Youth Kidnapped By Arab Terrorist Returned

by Micha Gefen

It took 30 hours for the Arab terrorists who kidnapped Tiran Pero an Israeli Druze from a Jenin hospital to return his body after he was killed in a car accident.

According to Tiran’s uncle, his nephew drove into Jenin to get something installed in his car. He got into a car accident and his injuries for too serious to wait to get an Israeli hospital, so they took him to the hospital in Jenin. Family members sent to see him at the hospital. They saw that he was hooked up and stable. As they were with him, a group of 30 terrorists came in, disconnected him from the machines and kidnapped him. He subsequently died of his wounds. 

The family of the kidnapped Israeli Druze citizen asked the Israeli government not to risk the lives of Israeli soldiers to retrieve his body. Israeli Druze citizens, many who serve in the IDF and police, are trying on their own to get him out. Some Israeli Druze are threatening that if the body is not returned then they will kill “Palestinian” Arab workers who work near them in Israel. 

It seems that the strategy worked.

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