Israeli comedic mentalist surprises judges with his act on America’s Got Talent

by Leah Rosenberg

When an Israeli comedic mentalist made his appearance on America’s Got Talent, he received a standing ovation from the crowd. Find out why!

America’s Got Talent

America’s Got Talent (AGT) is a famous American talent show. People from all over the world with all different backgrounds come and perform their best talents. A number of Jewish people have also made their appearance on the show. Two famous acts were Ilan Swartz-Brownstein and Josh Leviton, the talented beat boxers, and Edon Pinchot, the Jewish American teen with an outstanding voice.

And now AGT 2018 experienced the hilarious Israeli Lioz Shem Tov.

I guarantee you, you have never seen anything like his act before! You will definitely be laughing by the end.

Israeli Comedic Mentalist

Lioz Shem Tov is an Israeli comedic mentalist who got a standing ovation on America’s Got Talent. His act was unique, funny, and entertaining. Everything he did was unexpected. And that’s what made it so funny. Watching his act, the judges and crowd may have expected him to do one thing, and he definitely surprised everyone.

He said he was going to move objects with his mind. So naturally, everyone waited for that moment. But Lioz kept the crowd laughing instead by mimicking what mentalists do. His act was like a parody of a mentalist act – and it was hysterical!

Forget about moving objects with your mind. Lioz Shem Tov knows how to entertain a crowd.

This was really a unique act. And by the end, even Simon Cowell liked it too!



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