Powerful solution to help beat Islamic terror has just been revealed

by Avi Abelow

This guy is a green beret medic who served a lot of time with Muslim Arabs in the Middle East. He knows Islamic terror and he knows what he is talking about.

WOW!!! Words to Live By

He hits the nail on the head! This is the most important message that people in the West MUST internalize if they want their kids and grandkids to live like they do.

Liberal Western society hates his message. They hate it with a passion. They do not want to hear the underlying concept that he speaks about.

But it is actually the most powerful message that everyone in Western society must internalize. It is one message that summarizes the ONLY way for Western society to survive, and especially to survive the growing threats of Islamic terror.

“Sometimes you need to become what you aren’t in order to protect and ensure the future survival of what you actually are”


Nobody wants to go to war and fight, but we do what we have to do to protect ourselves. If an enemy attacks, but you don’t want to go to war, then your dead, no matter how humane your society is.

For a humane society to protect itself, it must be ready to take up weapons and kill the enemies who want to destroy them. It is that simple.

His solution for ending terror in Western Countries?

His solution is simple – expel the families of the terrorists.

He explains why this is such a powerful solution and why Westerners don’t understand why it is such a powerful solution to end Islamic terror.

“You have to understand what is going on over there (in the Middle East), you have to understand them. You do not understand how they think. They are worried about their family, their clan and their tribe. They do NOT have a national identity. Most Middle Eastern countries are Kingdoms, theocracies or dictatorships. They have to crush (the diverse masses) to hold them together.”

Therefore, when a Muslim commits a terror attack, he and his family MUST be deported. Only when other Muslims see that families are crushed and expelled, will that deter their family members from committing Islamic terror attacks.

What happens today? After an Islamic terror attack, everyone cries, they post sad emojis and society then sends a message to all the Muslims of “we love you”, we have nothing against Muslims. He was just a lone murderer.

Only if Western society takes from them what they care about, will the it slow down the Islamic terror.

He believes it might stop it. We don’t believe it will go that far, but it certainly will create a powerful deterrence to slow it down.

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