Israel Must Apply Israeli Law Over Judea & Samaria NOW

by Avi Abelow

The Shiloh Policy Forum has released the following two-minute video explaining the legal grounds for applying Israeli law over Judea and Samaria and why the move is imperative now.

President Trump’s recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria is going to be the crowning and most lasting achievement of his foreign policy. The action will fundamentally reject the notion that Jews should not be allowed to live in Judea, their Biblical homeland or should be expelled from their homes in the name of so-called peace.

At a time when Judeo-Christian values are crumbling around us, President Trump is taking millennial action to put Judea back into Judeo-Christian. No longer will the cradle of our civilization be doubted or our shared history questioned.

The United States needs to put guarantees in place to protect President Trump’s vision and ensure that there will never be a Palestinian State so long as the Palestinians fail to meet all the pre-conditions listed in the plan. This should be expressed in a formal agreement between the two countries.

Ever since Israel liberated Judea and Samaria, fifty-three-years-ago in the miraculous Six-Day-War, the territory wasn’t legally integrated into Israel, due to international opposition. As a result, the Israeli towns and cities have been ruled by a military administration that is necessarily inefficient and of a temporary nature.

Contrary to the warnings of the naysayers, recognition of sovereignty will stabilize the area. Doomsday prophets warned President Trump against moving the Embassy, recognizing the Golan Heights and exiting the perilous Iran Deal. President Trump kept his word on every one of these promises and they passed without any significant unrest.

Dr. Risch

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