Israel-Haters Really Don’t Want You to See This Video

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel-haters are furious that this Israeli organization exists. It completely disproves all their theories about the Jewish state!

Israel-Haters Are Trying to Hide the Truth

Why don’t Israel-haters want you to see this video? Because then you’ll know the truth about Israel! You’ll know that Israel is truly a special country that does so much good for the world. Save a Child’s Heart is an unbelievable organization that has saved the lives of thousands of children. Only Jewish children, one may wonder? No! Israel has treated children from all religions and backgrounds. The Jewish state has even treated children from enemy countries. Yes ENEMY countries. Have any Israel-haters told you that? Probably not. Because one simple video like this one proves the haters wrong. It refutes their claims about how Israel is an oppressive country with vicious people.

Israel is not an apartheid state. Israel does not set out to kill people. Israel will protect itself against its enemies, but can anyone expect them to do otherwise? Israel does not target civilians the way its enemies do. In fact, as you see from this video, Israel even treats those civilians and helps them.

Enough of the Israel-haters denying the facts. Enough of the BDS Movement spreading lies about the one and only Jewish state. Let’s show the world how Israel is a place that deserves the world’s recognition for its kindness. Right now, a lot of the world talks about Israel in a negative way based off of lies. It’s time for that to change!

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