Hilarious: What Happens at the Board Meetings of Every Woke Company

by Phil Schneider

Yes. This is a ridiculous portrayal of what board meetings are like. It is obviously a huge exaggeration. However, what is not ridiculous and is very real is that young children today across America are talking in ridiculous ways like the board meeting portrayed in this video. Young children, between the ages of 6 till 10 years old are asking, discussing, and questioning sexual issues. The world has gone nuts, and anyone who trusts the public school system today or sends to a privat woke school is literally endangering their children.

Some serious straight talk is needed to return to normalcy. First off, anyone who thinks that conversations need to begin by using pronouns is crazy. Secondly, gender is not a matter of choice. Any reasonable atheist ought to know this. Homosexuality is a choice – not gender. More importantly, anyone who decides to mutilate their body as part of their confused ideas on gender is downright crazy.

There you have it. Now the trumpets of silencing and name calling will descend on to anyone who speaks like this. Homophobic, xenophobic, you name it. Anyone who uses terms of phobia should be somebody to distrust. The whole idea of labeling anyone who does not speak in a politically correct manner is literally destroying the world. It is not merely public discourse that has gone off the rails.

What is needed in today’s day and age is not more sensitivity, but more straight talk. What is needed is not more artificial intelligence deciding what is OK to say and what is not, but more real people expressing real opinions. People are willingly turning themselves into predictable woke robots. There is no way of saying it nicely. If you join the woke movement, you are deciding to divorce yourself from reality and live in an alternate world of lies, fake sensitivity and mind-shutting confusion.

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