Israel and US Planning a Surprise for Iran

by Micha Gefen

While it has been assumed that the US is pushing forward to a deal for Iran, indications are that the Biden administration and Israel are planning for War with Iran.

With the two counties’ NSAs working together on a Plan B for Iran, it is clear that the US maybe more aligned with Jerusalem than previously thought. The question is what is Plan B?

Although a direct assault may be in the works, starting a war could spark a global conflict as Iran is closely aligned with China. More than likely Israel and the US are planning something outside the box. One possibility is the two countries will target the Ayatollah himself in the hopes that by knocking him and his close circle off, the Iranian people will install a democratic regime.

Why not bomb the nuclear sites? This has been discussed for years. The problem is that the Iranian regime has hidden the program across multiple reactors. It would be virtually impossible to get it all.

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