Islamists made rookie mistakes impersonating Orthodox Jews on Twitter

by Leah Rosenberg

Islamists tried to impersonate Orthodox Jews on Twitter and spread anti-Israel views. The problem is, they made many mistakes blowing their cover!

Orthodox Jews and Shabbat

Take a look at these Twitter accounts and the timing of when some of the anti-Israel content was posted. ON SHABBAT! Orthodox Jews do not use Twitter on Shabbat. That is a basic fact. But the Islamists trying to spread hate and act as if it was coming from Jews must have missed that. On multiple occasions, actually.

And when one of the Muslims was called out for violating the Shabbat, the response from him was absurd: “You are too ignorant to know the meaning of this Divine prohibition.” Oh, and we cannot forget about the hashtag “Jesus is king” from the “Orthodox” Jew.

Majority of Jews Support Israel

These Muslims tried to create this false narrative that Orthodox Jews do not support Israel. The truth is that 95% of Jews DO support Israel. There is a small percentage of Orthodox Jews who do not support the Jewish state, and that is why the Islamists created fake accounts. They need to pretend because the facts show something they do not want to admit.

It really should go hand in hand – the Jewish people should support the JEWISH state. It is rational, and it makes sense. Yes, sadly, there are some who do not support their own homeland the way they should. But let’s not forget that most Jews DO back the state of Israel. So please, do not fall for these fake Twitter accounts. Spread the truth!

Col. Kemp

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