Is the America we love being destroyed intentionally?

by Phil Schneider

Is this speech an example of exaggeration or is there indeed a conscious attempt by some people in the United States to “take over” the United States? It is not a simple question and there is no simple answer to this question. In my opinion, the liberal side of the United States most certainly wants to have power. But so does the right-wing side. But does that mean that either side is indeed a dangerous group with conspiratorial plans of takeover of the United States? I think we need to split hairs a bit more on this matter and avoid generalities.

Good-hearted Liberals Versus Dangerous Leftists

In my opinion, the vast majority of America is not dangerous, nor supports dangerous ideas like the speaker in this video seems to claim. Yes, many liberal-minded people believe that President Trump is a deranged and dangerous President. Well, even if he has been effective to a certain degree on many policies, he certainly is not the most stable President. And, yes, it’s time that his supporters recognize and admit that he may indeed be a dangerous person to have at the helm. He has exercised his power to appoint and dismiss National Security Advisors and Secretaries of Defense as if they are contestants on “The Apprentice.” Those that are uncomfortable with President Trump are not therefore automatically dangerous Marxist supporting leftists. They have a point and they should not be shunned. Even if the impeachment proceedings are a witch hunt, that does not turn the 50%+ of Congress who oppose President Trump into Marxists.

However, there is a rather non-organized, yet well-funded group out there that does truly hope to turn the United States into something like Norway or another Scandinavian country with open borders and no unique way of life. There is a group that is virulently anti-Jewish, yet speak about being anti-Israel as their cover. There is a group that will never say anything that offends anyone except for the people that offend them by being right-wing. They will term those people fascists and racists in a knee-jerk fashion. These people are represented today by AOC and Ilhan Omar in Congress, and they are getting more and more powerful each year. They do not stand for freedom of speech, and they do pose an existential danger if they become too powerful. They would do anything possible to fight against the right to bear arms if they had sufficient power to. This is serious stuff. IT is much more dangerous to NOT have the right to bear arms than it is to have too many AK-47’s out there. The way to fight against the fringe is through the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government. If they don’t have power, they can only scream and protest.

Those that live in the United States are blessed to be in a country whose founders had tremendous foresight in the way that the Union was founded. We need to preserve the institutions through active voting and make sure that a small group of 5% with radical ideas do not become more than the radical fringe that they are today.

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