Shocking Future for the People of France. A Parisian Speaks Out

by Avi Abelow

A Parisian Jew knows that one day she will move to Israel. Her non-Jewish neighbors in Paris, however, don’t know where to go.

Regardless if the recent Notre Dame fire was started by an Islamist or not, the media and Western politicians must begin to openly talk about what is happening with the influx of Muslims into their countries. The sad thing is that those Muslims who ran away from their countries to escape the terror, violence and intolerance of their native countries are now suffering in Western countries due to the silence of the West.

John F. Di Leo says it quite well:

“The Islamists consider France to be their territory now.

If you don’t know what that means, look for Hindu temples in areas formerly majority-Hindu…. look for statues of Buddha in areas formerly majority-Buddhist… look for Christian churches in formerly Christian lands… look for Jewish temples and synagogues in areas that used to be predominantly Jewish.

Sometimes they convert them to mosques… many of the great Byzantine churches, for example, are used as mosques today. But usually, they just destroy them. It’s their official way of proving that they have taken over.

I am sorry to have to bring up such depressing matters on my page. I would rather talk about movie stars and popular songwriters like I do at birthday time every morning.

But we in the West need to stop shutting our eyes to the reality of this world. The West is under assault, whether we admit it or not.

So we may as well admit it…

Or soon, there will be no West left.”

“Islamists have burned tens of thousands of cars and trucks in France over the past decade.

Islamists have burned sports arenas, theaters, restaurants and bars in France over the past decades.

Islamists have burned many Christian churches in France in the past decade… heck, they’ve burned several in just the past few days.

And even though nobody ever talks about these constant acts of arson and other vandalism, always committed by islamists… nobody really denies it either. They try to call the arsonists and vandals “Asians” or “Africans” rather than clearly identifying them by the identity that inspires the crime… but they admit that it happens.

Today, another church burned in France. But this time – only this time – they are quick to say that there’s no way it could be related to any of those thousands of others.

I am not an arson investigator. I don’t pretend to have any knowledge whatsoever one way or the other.

All I can do is put two and two together, and say this:
Notre Dame has burned a few times in the past 800 years. So an accidental burning is a possibility.

Islamists have also burned every kind of target imaginable all over France in recent years, including churches, in recent days. And they have tried to burn or bomb Notre Dame several times in the past. So a terrorist burning – at the beginning of Holy Week – is also a possibility.

I don’t know which of the two it is.

What I do know – with certainty – is that it is irresponsible for the press and the government to immediately discount the terrorist possibility. Before any of the facts are in, the establishment insists on assuming that the most historically significant church burning in French history was accidental, and demands that we all make the same assumption.

We dare not even postulate that it might have been a jihadist act, because it’s now considered an offense just to use our brains and weigh the logical options rationally.
Might there actually be an unspoken belief in Europe that there’s a point at which the people will take enough pride in Western Civilization to stop putting up with this continuous, wanton destruction?

Might they be terrified that eventually Europeans might, against all odds, finally stand up for Europe again?”

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