Is Israel’s Three Front Attack On Gaza The Game Changer It Needs Against Hamas?

by Micha Gefen

The IDF has been pounding the Gaza Strip relentlessly since it became clear that the Biden administration decided to place an arms embargo on Israel. It is no secret that Israel’s leadership and most of the country looks at Biden’s decision with disdain.

In reaction to Biden’s move, Israel has decided to smash what is left of the Hamas military battalions. The IDF is currently battling Hamas on three fronts. Of course, much of this is due to the fact that the IDF was pulled out of much of the North prematurely, allowing for Hamas to reconstitute. 

The only way the IDF will be successful is to defeat Hamas and hold territory instead of pulling out. Smashing Hamas in three areas of Gaza has sent shockwaves across Hamas, but as long as they go underground they can continue to weather the IDF assaults. That was what they did the first time around.

Israel must go all out and take out the tunnel system in order to ensure that Hamas cannot hide out. Only then will Israel will be successful in finally ending the war with Hamas’ demise.

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