How to Destroy an Anti-Israel Activist in Under 2 Minutes

by Leah Rosenberg

This video shut down every anti-Israel activist. A major claim is that Israel “ethnically cleanses” so-called “Palestinians.” What a lie!

How to Fight an Anti-Israel Activist with the Truth

Here is the thing about every anti-Israel activist: Each one is filled with lies. They spread blood libels against the Jewish people and the Jewish state. They make absurd claims that are not based on any type of fact. These Israel-haters don’t know history or they just don’t care.

When it comes to the famous lie that Israel “ethnically cleanses” its Arab population, that cannot be farther from the truth. You don’t even need so much evidence to prove it. Just look at the simple numbers. If the Arab population in Israel has increased, that is the opposite of ethnic cleansing. That is simple math. More people means more people, less people means less people. There is nothing so mind-blowing. The places where there are less of one type of people is in Arab countries. And those “people” are the Jews. Jews have been ethnically cleansed from Arab countries. Arab numbers have increased in Jewish countries. It’s that simple. The truth is clear.

None of the arguments of the anti-Israel world are based on facts. They always say what they want to say without any proof. And when you don’t care about the truth, you will say the most foolish and insane things.

Keep sharing the truth. Some people don’t care, but some people do. And you never know whose mind you might wake up…

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