Is Iran Losing In Syria?

by David Mark

According to the IDF, Iran has begun withdrawing its forces from Syria due to the uptick in attacks launched by Israel.

The IDF has been carrying out attack after attack over the last month against Iranian infrastructure in Syria. The targets have primarily been precision guided missile (PGM) factories. Beyond the factories, the IDF attacked both Damascus and Aleppo airports. These operations targeted the runways in order to disrupt flights from Iran carrying weapons meant for Hezbollah.

So is Iran really in retreat?

Although the IDF insists that their operations are beating Iran in Syria, the Islamic Republic may just be reorganizing. After all, their proxy, Hezbollah isn’t going anywhere. Bolstered by Russia and tacitly supported by China, Iran has no reason to fear. Yes its true they are pulling back, but it seems much more realistic that they are maneuvering.

The question is, if they are maneuvering – what are they maneuvering for?

Perhaps as the nuclear deal continues to fall apart – we will soon find out.

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