Iron Dome in Action in the Night Sky Over Israel like a Star Wars Movie

by Avi Abelow

Iron Dome is the name of Israel’s missile defense system that is responsible for shooting down rockets our Arab Muslim enemies shoot at us from Gaza. This night scene of the Iron Dome in action is crazily spectacular. This is happening right now.

Thankfully, we have the Iron Dome, otherwise all those rockets would be killing tons of innocent Israeli citizens.

I look forward to the day that the Jewish state of Israel goes on the offensive, takes out all the terrorists in Gaza so that no missile is ever fired from there ever again.

That is not a pipe dream. The solution is quite simple. We just need the leadership to make it happen.

No country in the world would allow their citizens to be shot at with such rocket fire without a massive attack to destroy the enemy and stop the rockets. However, the whole world pressures Israel to not do what is necessary and end this insane terror aggression against us from the Arab Muslim terrorists in Gaza.

The Solution to Ending the Gaza Terror is Simple

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buddyboy May 14, 2023 - 4:12 am

I agree with you . We can’t take the chance in the future as these mongrels only seem to multiple hoping for a failure.

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