IRAN THREATENS: “We Will Demolish Tel Aviv and Haifa”

by Micha Gefen

With tensions rising in the Middle East between the Israel-Sunni Alliance and Iran, Iran’s president threatened to “demolish Tel Aviv and Haifa” if Israel attacks.

If observers believed that the Biden administration was actually going to change the dynamic and atmosphere in the Middle East just by claiming to do so, this past week should have relieved them of that false notion.

President Trump may have been bombastic, but his strategy was always to pick a side and hold the other side accountable on anything that happens. And it was working.

In the first few days of the Biden administration, they have not hinted that they will freeze the arms deals to both Saudi Arabia and the UAE. By doing this, they are hoping to convince the Iranians that this administration can be trusted to be fair.

Unfortunately, threats are continuing to mount and if anything, a lack of arms for the UAE and Saudi Arabia means that they may take measures into their own hands.

Given the fact that Israel doesn’t trust President Biden’s team to be tough enough on the Mullah’s just means that the Israel-Sunni Alliance will be forced to take measures into their own hands.

This was the Trump administration’s strategy the entire time, but only to incite fear into the regime in Tehran, leaving direct action only if ultimately necessary.

What is happening now is the alliance is preparing first strike options in hopes that the Biden administration pulls back from its disastrous policy. If not, it plans on going it alone.

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