Iran Prepares For War Against The US And Israel

by Micha Gefen

As Israel just finished its latest campaign against Iranian backed Islamic Jihad, the Iranian regime is preparing what it calls a final blow against US Forces.

The Iranian leaders have been pining for a way to defeat both the USA and Israel since the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Now that Iran’s partnership with China and Russia has grown into a robust alliance, that time may have arrived.

The latest show of force is from Hezbollah, to Israel’s north. Earlier in the week, the Hezbollah terror organization held a military exercise in southern Lebanon. This drill used live fire, which was well-covered by the media. Hezbollah showed off its capabilities, reiterated its intention to obliterate the State of Israel and promoted the “unity of the arenas” narrative.

The United States will be forced to leave the Middle East and Iran’s “last blow” is yet to come, chief commander of the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) said Thursday.

Speaking at a ceremony in memory of IRGC ‘martyrs’, Hossein Salami mentioned the targeted killing of Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad in 2020 in a US drone strike and said Iran already landed its first blow, by firing missiles at bases in Iraq hosting US troops, days after the killing.

“They received the first slap, and the second will be their gradual withdrawal from the region, but the last slap is yet to come,” he said.

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ewljr May 24, 2023 - 12:57 am

Traitor Joe Biden &n his Sodomite administration will be in bed with the Iranian dictators until Christ Jesus returns & tosses them into Hell.

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