Azerbaijan Opens Embassy In Israel – Is War With Iran Close?

by David Mark

Azerbaijan has long been an ally and friend of Israel despite its overwhelming Muslim populace. This is because the two countries share a common enemy – Iran.

Due to the heightened tensions and on and off again war between Iran and Azerbaijan, Israel’s longstanding relationship with Baku has been a strategic asset – not only for Israel, but also for Azerbaijan. While Israel has used the border area between Azerbaijan and Iran as a staging ground for listening posts as well as potential clandestine activities, Azerbaijan has been able to procure top of the line defense equipment from Israel in order to defend itself from Iranian aggression.

The relationship between Azerbaijan and Iran has continued towards open confrontation over the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict as Iran has openly supported Armenia. This maneuver has now pushed Baku into opening the first ever Azerbaijani embassy in Israel.

So is open war close between Iran and Israel? Possibly, but what is more clear, Jerusalem is set on building its own noose around Iran while at the same time attempting to destroy the noose set up by Hezbollah-Syria-Iran.

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