Interview with former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer

by Avi Abelow

Ron Dermer has been the Ambassador of Israel to the United States during some of the most hostile and friendly times in terms of US-Israel relations. The Obama administration was probably the most hostile administration that Israel has experienced since the time of the Carter administration. Some argue that the Obama years were even worse. On the flip side, the Trump administration was probably the most friendly administration since Israel’s inception. Ambassador Dermer was in the mix throughout the entire time.

The Truman administration was not particularly friendly with Israel – it was President Truman himself, who stood up to many in his administration – in order to support the creation of the State. On the other hand, the Truman administration was filled with pro-Israel members, from John Pompeo and through Nikki Haley.

Ron Dermer played a pivotal role – probably the most pivotal role – during these turbulent times. Some have noted that the most important achievement of the Netanyahu years was the outsmarting of Barack Obama. If that is the case, much of the credit deserves to be given to Ron Dermer. He opens up here about the complexities in dealing with a US Administration that basically allowed funds to flow from the US to Iran. That led to Iranian funding of it’s twin proxies in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon. The Hamas in the Gaza Strip and the Hizbullah in Lebanon were thus able to grow their terror network and create havoc in the Middle East. Dermer gets into the details here with eloquence and tremendous clear-headedness.

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