If the walls of Jerusalem spoke, this is what they would say

by Leah Rosenberg

The walls of Jerusalem are more than just walls. They have a story to tell. And now, they have a message of strength for the world.

Hope from the Walls Of Jerusalem

What a beautiful initiative. The walls of Jerusalem are sending a message of strength and hope to the entire world. Many people need to hear positive things during this time. They need to feel supported and cared for.

Well, Jerusalem cares for you. The people of Jerusalem and Israel care for you. We have all become family during this trying time in history.

Words are Powerful

It might just be words written on ancient stones. It might just be images of flags from some places around the globe.

But really, it is much more. Words matter. Words have an impact. They can pick someone up or bring someone down. And these words written on the ancient walls of the Old City of Jerusalem are there to pick up the world and remind people that they are not alone.

You are not alone.

I am not alone.

Humanity is not alone.

Israel Emanates Good

Despite what you might hear on the mainstream media, Israel exudes goodness. They constantly give to the world in words and in actions. Israel is a positive force in this confusing world.

It might just seem like a small act, but this type of initiative shows the true nature of Israel and the Jewish people. And the world needs to get a good look at what Israel is all about.

New Israeli Prime Minister
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