IDF Activity in Jenin – Media Propaganda vs. Reality

by Leah Rosenberg

As usual, the media is totally lying to the public about Israel’s anti-terror operation that took place in Jenin.

What Really Happened in Jenin?

It’s insane and it’s terrifying that media outlets who are supposed to share the news have completely lied about Israel’s operation in Jenin. Jenin became a hotbed for terrorism over the years. No country would stand for that. Israel had to go in and stop terrorists from carrying out more attacks against innocent Israelis. Countless Israelis have been brutally murdered, and the terrorists can be directly traced to Jenin. What would you want your leaders to do if there was a city right by where you lived that was planning attacks to kill your neighbors? No leader would stand by and just watch it happen if they really cared about their people.

Yet Israel is expected to just let it happen? That’s insane! And then the media outlets, the UN, and others somehow blame Israel for the terror that takes place on a daily basis. News hosts even refuse to refer to the terrorists as terrorists!

We must stop the blatant lies about Israel. Israel is not the one training its young children to murder innocent people – Israel’s enemies are the ones who do that. Jenin it’s filled with terrorists. It’s sad that many young children there are trained to be terrorists. That is the culture they are raised in, and Israel is not to blame for that disturbing reality.

Enough of the lies. Israel deserves to have the truth shared about it.

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