I am very sad that I have to write a post like this, but here we are

by Hillel Fuld

I am very sad that I have to write a post like this, but here we are.

This morning, I went to a meeting in a town 20 minutes from Jerusalem. After the meeting, I drove to Hertzliya to continue my day, but on the road leaving the meeting, I saw at least four instances of this horrific sign.

Can you imagine a sign that says ”No blacks allowed past this point. It endangers your life.”?

Oh, so it’s not about race. Ok. How about “No American citizens past this point. It endangers your life.”

Would a sign like that ever exist? Of course not. That’s called bigotry and discrimination.

But to have signs all over the roads telling me, a Jewish Israeli citizen that I can’t go beyond this point is all good.

“But It’s Israeli law that we can’t enter Area A!”

Yes, it is and that makes it even sicker.

Telling a Jew that he can’t step foot somewhere is antisemitic, no matter how you want to twist it.

So if we, the Jewish state allow signs like this to exist, if we allow laws to be passed that we can’t step foot in the Temple Mount, which is the holiest place for Jews, why are we surprised when people like Kanye say the things he said?

Just like our neighbors in the Middle East who live to annihilate us smell our weakness, so do Jew haters worldwide.

I don’t think we’ve even begun to scratch the surface of the damage Mr. West has done to the Jewish people. There are already blatantly antisemitic signs being hung from bridges in America. Signs that say things like “Kanye was right. Jews are pigs.”

We’ve talked about this before.

I’ve always asked myself how the Jews in Europe didn’t run for their lives when the writing on the wall was so clear and obvious.

Antisemitic slurs. Violence against Jews. Jewish businesses being boycotted. Antisemites entering positions of power.

Now read that paragraph again and tell me, am I referring to Europe in 1940 or America in 2022?

When a cultural icon like Kanye says the things he said, he can apologize till he’s blue in the face, the damage is done and cannot be undone. If you think antisemitism had not gone fully mainstream until now, these past few weeks have brought it to a whole new level.

This sign that any Israeli has seen tens of times in his or her lifetime is fundamentally anti Jewish and we just allow it.

Apartheid? Israel? Really? Because Arabs are doctors, lawyers, politicians, and live in this country with more rights than they’d have in any Muslim country in the region. They walk freely in our malls and our streets. But Jews? We can’t walk beyond that red sign. Why not? Because we will be lynched.

Oh. Ok. Cool. Yea, that’s normal.

Do you even hear ourselves? How did we come to terms with this reality that we are literally warning Jews that if they dare step foot somewhere, they are risking their lives??

Some people will hate this comparison but I can’t help but think about segregation. If a black person dare sit in front of the bus, or sad to say, even today, if a woman goes to certain places dressed a certain way, well, we know what happens. How is this ok?

And how can we blame Kanye or AOC for hating on Jews when we ourselves don’t stand up for Jews?

Antisemitism is antisemitism. Whether it’s Palestinian signs warning Jews not to go somewhere or tweets threatening Jews because they control Hollywood, it’s all the same and while some of the brands who worked with Kanye are now breaking up with him, that’s not enough.

All I can say, and yes, I know I sound like a broken record, thank God for the state of Israel. Now all we need to do is elect leaders who don’t allow antisemitism to show its ugly face, even when it’s wearing a mask called Anti Zionism.

We need to stop acting like the weak Jews we used to be. Those days are gone.

Guys, it’s 2022!!

How are we even having this conversation?

Originally posted on facebook.

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