In just 15 seconds on live TV Alon Schvartzer reveals how peace is really made

by Michael Sax

This is one of the most basic rules for negotiating laid bare. For years and years, we have been brainwashed. We have been forced to think that it is normal, and the right thing, for Arabs to blow up Israel. And we have been forced to think that as a response, Israel would make a peace deal with them.  But when we take a fresh look, we see how crazy it is! That isn’t right! That’s not called “Israel making peace”, that’s “Israel getting torn to pieces.”

How to make a peace deal

To make peace, both parties would have to have a fair discussion about the terms of the peace deal. It is by no means a “fair” deal when one party continues to bomb the other! You can’t make peace with someone who wants to stab you in the heart. You make peace with someone who wants peace. The murderous arabs don’t want peace. They are taught to hate Israelis, their children sing about killing Israelis, and their heroes are killers. The Arabs don’t want peace. They want just the opposite.

And even if Israel were to make peace with the arabs, there is another basic fact that many people seem to have forgotten. That is, Israel belongs to the Jews! Israel is the Holy Land, promised to the Children of Israel. And the Jewish people were given Israel in the UN partition plan, and won parts of Israel (such as Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria) in battle. So Israel rightfully belongs to the Jewish people. If palestinian arabs (not that they are a real people) want to live in the region, they have a few options. They can live in Israel as law-abiding citizens, or they can move to Gaza. Or they can go to Jordan.

Who really makes a peace deal

This video illustrates that peace isn’t made with an enemy who is actively trying to kill you, but rather a defeated enemy. For example, Germany and Japan both signed a ceasefire only after they were defeated, not while they were leading attacks on others. Perhaps the key to peace is to defeat the terrorists rather than to bow down to them. Defeating terrorism to get peace seems like a sensible idea after all.

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