How a Famous Child Hollywood Star Found Faith in G-d

by Leah Rosenberg

It is not easy being a Conservative Hollywood star and having faith in G-d. But Kirk Cameron’s journey is unbelievable.

Hollywood Star and His Amazing Journey to Faith

Hearing about Kirk Cameron, his childhood, and how he ended up coming to religion and G-d is remarkable. It is especially fascinating that he said that as a child, he had no faith at all and called himself an atheist. And then to hear this Hollywood star speak about his first moment of opening up to G-d is inspiring. It can be difficult to let your guard down – even with G-d. It can be difficult to open up and just completely rely on the Creator above.

But it is most definitely worth it. Living a life with G-d is meaningful. It is truthful. It is calming. To know that G-d created the world and cares for each person; to know that G-d loves you and wants what is best for you is a joyful feeling, to say the least. There is always hope when you believe in G-d. There is always something worth living for when you are walking in G-d’s ways.

Cameron has a fascinating perspective on life and family. It is not so common to hear those who have lived the Hollywood fame live such a meaningful life. Faith led him on the right path.

No matter what religion one associates with, everyone can learn from Kirk Cameron’s story. We all need to be reminded of what’s important in life. And if a Hollywood star was able to realize what truly matters and to follow the path of truth, we can all do a little more introspection and do the same.

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