Houthi rebels shoot down Saudi UAV while shouting against USA and Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

It doesn’t matter if it’s Houthi rebels or any other radical Islamic group, they will always turn their hatred toward Israel and America.

Houthi rebels

The Houthi rebels are backed by Iran. So of course you’ll hear them shouting hateful chants against Israel and America. Radical Islamic hatred of the West knows no bounds. Even though it was a Saudi unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) that the Houthi rebels shot down, they STILL bring Israel into it.

Anytime radical Muslims can blame Israel, torture Israel, or bring hatred of Israel into their lives, they will. And they have.

Children are Being Radicalized

Children of radical Islam grow up cheering for murder and war. You can even see it in this video! What kind of education is that?

Obviously, Iran is to blame for so much of the terror in the world. They are the number one state sponsors of terror. So they are to blame as well for much of the “education” that goes into radicalizing children. This child abuse must end!

Arab Incitement
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