Shocking antisemitic act in Brooklyn caught on camera

by Leah Rosenberg

An antisemitic act like this is the type of thing that took place in Nazi Germany. Has the world mainstreamed antisemitism so much that this is the norm?

The Antisemitic Act

This is just shocking. A Jew in Brooklyn just walking along his way, not bothering anyone, should never be attacked. But then you see the black man come from behind and attack him. The man then runs away smiling. Things like this happened in Nazi Germany – the Nazis tormented Jews and then laughed about it. Sickening!

Antisemitism has been mainstreamed. Attacks on Jews have become the norm. And who is being blamed? White supremacists have been the only ones the world has blamed. But is that the truth?

The Trump Narrative and the Truth

The Jewish watchdog group, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), and other prominent Jewish people and groups blame white supremacists for antisemitism. People are claiming that President Trump is responsible for antisemitism. Except all the growing attacks in Brooklyn are by blacks. But the media chooses not to cover these crimes because then it destroys their false white supremacist/Trump narrative. The ADL said that 44% of antisemitic and extremist incidences were committed by the right. That is less than half though, which means that the other 56% were from which side? Of course, there is antisemitism on both sides, but people are only focusing on the far-right and blaming Trump in the process. They ignore all the antisemitism on the left, which includes the antisemitic tropes of the two new Muslim Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

Trump and his envoys have spoken out against antisemitism on multiple occasions. The president has shown through words and actions that he supports the Jewish people AND the Jewish state. So the world needs to stop with this “Trump/white supremacist” narrative. It is just not true. People need to start focusing on antisemitism WHEREVER it is and not just blaming one side of the political spectrum! It is enough!

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