Jews Celebrate EPIC Building Dedication in Hebron

by Avi Abelow

It finally happened! Jews have finally been allowed to move in and live in the Beit HaShalom (House of Peace) building in Hebron. The Beit Hashalom building is a four-story residential complex in Hebron, in the area connecting the Jewish community of Kiryat Arba and the Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs. Even though the building was legally purchased by Jews, a number of left-wing organizations and Arabs spent years petitioning the courts to declare the sale illegal, which stopped any Jews from being able to move in. Even after the courts ruled the sale as legal, the State of Israel still didn’t allow Jews to settle in the building, until now. Recently, the first family finally moved in, and last week a building dedication ceremony was held. It was an epic celebratory experience. What do we do to celebrate? We place a Mezuzah, a container with a parchemnt of Torah, on the doorpost of the new building entrance! The mezuzah is a sign and reminder of the covenant, our love, our commitment and our willingness to create a Jewish household. The ultimate appreciation to the creator of the universe. That’s a Jewish dedication ceremony! This time in our ancestral city of Hebron.

Facebook Post about this Momentous Event

Last week, in the height of Hamas’ rocket attack on Israel, Ziva Glanz posted the following text on facebook about the epic experience of the special house dedication ceremony at the House of Peace in Hevron.

“This is an Israel post that has nothing to do with bomb shelters. Quite the opposite.”

“Because we could all use a shot in the arm of Jewish strength and pride right about now…And when you need Jewish strength, you go to Chevron.”

“And this one? This one was simply epic….”

“Last night, I was priviledged to be at the Chanukat HaBayit (building dedication) of the first apartment sold and completed in the Chevron’s beautiful Beit HaShalom. Bought by anonymous investors with only the best of intentions, the gathering was a Who’s Who of Jewish heroes. All humble warriors who have given of their lives and loved ones for Eretz Yisrael. Most importantly though, they personify that, always, the most important thing in life is often just to *SHOW UP.* SHOW UP when opportunities present themselves. SHOW UP even when things get hard. Just take that first step– put your toes in the water, so to speak. Just show up when G-d calls.”

“Beit HaShalom is a complex that everyone said Jews couldn’t buy…and then couldn’t settle….and then couldn’t stay in- and were in fact evacuated from for several years…and then they were told they would never find the funds to argue it in court…and would never win…and never re-inhabit….and, just a year ago, in meetings I was witness to, were told ‘don’t bother even trying to sell these apartments, because no one will ever buy’…After yet, last night, they held a Chanukat HaBayit for the first of several beautiful, modern apartments sold, with more to come. At each stage over ten challenging years, the Harchivi organization of Chevron could have justifiably thrown up their hands. But instead, they chose to take that single first step into the choppy waters. And each time, G-d created chains of unforeseen events- that no one could gave ever predicted- which landed them perfectly placed for success. Show up in life, people. None of us have any idea just how far G-d can take us.”

“But then the night went ape-epic in ways that only Jews could pull off…. because, sometimes, when 3 Jews decide they need to daven for Am Yisrael, even late at night but as rockets are falling, in Judaism’s second holiest site- the Cave of the Patriarchs- ON THE FIRST NIGHT OF RAMADAN, as fireworks are going off for the Muslim holy day outside and the Ma’arah is closed to Jews as mass muslim prayers are being held inside, G-d can, once again, work things out in ways that no one could have ever imagined.”

“So as not to incriminate anyone with the Muslim Waqf, I will leave things a little sketchy, but let’s just say that, when you need, an Israeli mayor, an army commander, a brigade of IDF soldiers, a little Israeli nepotism and a lot of Jewish gumption, plus, perhaps, a pocket knife or two, can do QUITE A LOT. Which is why I present to you below the following pic of the INSIDE, of the LOCKED door, of Ma’arat HaMachpelah ;)”

“Best believe that we prayed a year’s worth of prayers in there, all alone, with the irony of us, perhaps in some small way, being able to ‘balance’ some of the chants being heard on the ‘opposite side’ not lost on us as we prayed our little hearts out for Am Yisrael’s safety…
All in an Israel night’s work, kids. All in a night’s work.”

“In other news, I am now collecting funds, or straight up pieces, to buy the IDF’s Chevron brigade a good few Ledermen swiss army knives. You never know when they might come in handy ;)”

The Beautiful View of Hevron from the Building

Image by Hillel Moskowitz
Image by Hillel Moskowitz
Image by Hillel Moskowitz

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