Hillary Clinton supporter testifies about massive Big Tech election meddling

by Avi Abelow

No matter which party you support, this should concern every American. Big Tech election meddling really happened. And it’s worse than you think.

Big Tech Election Meddling

Did they think they wouldn’t get caught? Did they even care? Big Tech election meddling is bad to begin with. But when you hear how many votes they manipulated – it is just appalling. Big Tech actually cares more about politics and their agenda then a free and democratic America. They are actually willing to be as corrupt as this. The fact that billionaires have such a sway over the public is disconcerting. It is frightening. Alarming. Extremely disturbing.

Do we even think for ourselves anymore? Have Google and others taken over our own thoughts, feelings, and opinions? After hearing this testimony, it seems like for many they have taken over.

Epstein Supports Democracy

Dr. Robert Epstein supported Hillary Clinton in the last election. But more than supporting a specific candidate or party, as he said, he supports democracy. He supports the freedom to choose which president we want to run America. He supports America! And that is why he testified against Big Tech, despite supporting the candidate that Big Tech was pushing for. Epstein does bot believe in having a president come into power through manipulating the votes – even if it may have been the president he himself voted for.

So no one can claim that this is a rigged testimony. The Left cannot claim that the Right is trying to spread lies. Because that is just not true. When Senator Cruz said to Dr. Epstein, “You’re not a Republican, nor are you a Conservative, is that accurate?” Epstein responded, “That would be an understatement.” There you have it. Democracy and freedom should always come before allegiance to ANY political candidate or party.

Full Video with Testimony on Zuckerberg and Facebook Meddling

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