Hilarious: Biden Keeps Shouting This, and Even Democrats are Confused

by Phil Schneider

Joe Biden does not have too many press conferences, nor does he have too many non-scripted performances. That is because he is rather limited in what he has to say these days.

There will certainly be other candidates who will challenge Joe Biden for the nomination for the 2024 election. But nobody within the Democrat Party has stood up and said what everybody in the entire world knows – he’s over the hill and should not be in the Oval Office. It’s that simple.

It is actually amazing how Biden has managed to stumble through the first 2.5 years of his Presidency while clearly slowing down. But, within the next five years, some of his younger aides will come out publicly and speak about how ridiculous the situation was with Biden in the Oval Office.

The “don’t jump” line is just one of so many things that is repeated again and again by this President. Jill Biden knows what is really going on late at night, and even late in the afternoon. It would actually be rather funny, if it wasn’t so dangerous. Many health professionals are recommending to people to not retire as it is not healthy for people to stop using their minds as they age. The brain needs to be stretched and used just as muscles need to be stretched and used. President Biden is certainly stretching his mind to the limit, as he is busy running the United States in his golden years. Whatever vitamins or supplements he is taking are doing a great job covering up the reality. But sometimes, it becomes crystal clear that Old Joe is having a rough day.

Within the next year or two, China, in one way or another, will probably take advantage of the situation in America today to encircle and perhaps attack Taiwan while Joe Biden is at the wheel in the White House.

Joe Biden is probably taking his queues from Barack Obama, who’s views on handling foreign policy range between isolationism and appeasement. In addition, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is preoccupying most of Europe. So, Xi Jinping sees this as an opportune time to expand and revitalize the ancient China Empire. Joe Biden will probably call up Xi Jinping and say, “Don’t Jump. Take it slow.” A new world order is about to take place, where China’s place is much more dominant than any time in recent memory.

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