Hezbollah Fires Over 215 Rockets At Israel – Bibi Gathers Security Heads

by Micha Gefen

Moments after Israel killed Taleb Abdullah, the highest ranking Hezbollah killed so far in the war, the Lebanese militia launched over 215 rockets at Israel – the most theh fired in one day.

Besides hitting back hard, Netanyahu sat for a security assessment meeting with the heads of the army to decide on a response to the assault. Despite the attack by Hezbollah, which reached as far south as Tveria, the government has yet to decide on turning the Northern front into the primary war front.

In response to the hundreds of rockets, National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir had this to say: “The excuses are over, you can no longer hide behind Gantz and Eisenkot. Tonight Netanyahu is holding a ‘security consultation’ again. Well done for the elimination in Lebanon, but hundreds of missiles are not being responded to with surgical operations.”

So far there has been decision on how to respond to both the attack in the north as well as the seeming rejection by Hamas of the latest hostage release deal. Despite the non-public response, it is assumed that a widening war is almost a guarantee.

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