Hezbollah developing Waze application for missiles

by Avi Abelow

Israel developed the Waze application. Why? Because Israel helps the world. But what Hezbollah is developing should worry everyone.

Corrupt use of the Waze Application

Technology can be used for the good or for the bad. There is Hezbollah, and there is Israel. If you heard the way that the media talks about Israel, you would think Israel is the entity that uses technology for evil and terrorism.

But you would be greatly mistaken. Israel has used technology to create things like the Waze application. Hezbollah, on the other hand, has used technology to create a system to guide missiles to an exact address so that they can destroy Israeli homes and kill Israelis. That is most definitely not how Israel intended Waze to be used.

Did You Hear About it on the News?

Probably not. The news does not busy themselves with what is important. They will not tell you what Hezbollah is doing to target Israelis. Because then Israel becomes the victim. And they never allow Israel to become the victim. In the media, Israel is ALWAYS the oppressor, and any story that goes against that false narrative is not shared. And if it is shared, the details are twisted to make Israel look like the corrupt one.

But how much more clear could it be? Hezbollah is developing something similar to Waze – except to use for missiles. To use for terrorism. To use to guide weapons to exact locations in Israel. The media should be outraged. The world should protest Hezbollah. But again, you hear nothing from those who say they stand against evil…

Dr. Risch

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