Disney’s Progressive Agenda Exposed. Time to Cancel?

by Phil Schneider

Disney has long been the brand name for wholesome programming geared at entertaining and educating young children, through teenage years and into adulthood. Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse are fixtures in the lives of tens of millions of children over many decades. There was very little to not like about Disney. The Disney characters personified so much of what was good about the United States of America. It’s all about to change.

The new lead characters in Disney productions will now represent the radical left progressive ideologies of the woke community. “Gender neutrality” will become the new norm. Talk about gender and race will become the new norm. Children will be taught from the young age of 2 or 3 that normal people are transgender and that race is at the heart of all problems in society.

This nonsense will be exported to TV screens and Netflix screens all over the world in a matter of months. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the messages will be crystal clear. The messages will be crafted in such a way that young and mature minds will become accustomed to “normal” families that consist of two transgender people of whom one is a birthing person and one is gender neutral, and there child is raised to walk in and out of any gender-neutral bathroom or locker room.

The Western world is in massive need for a reset before yet another generation is raised with the confused values of the woke generation. Disney will now be a dangerous place for children as are most college campuses. So, where will it be safe to raise children? The battleground must be the local school boards. Private and public schools must be preserved and strengthened with values that project freedom, liberty, and respect for religion and historical icons. Only after early education is saved will there be a point in rebuilding core values on the higher education scene via reforming universities across America.

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