Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Screams Out Pure Hatred Of America and Israel

by Phil Schneider

Rashida claims in broad daylight that Black Lives Matter is a great movement and that the “Palestine” movement is a great movement. Where is the main place for her movement of hatred of America and Jews? Instagram and Congress. She claims clearly that America and Israel are all about violence and oppression. Let’s analyze her statements.

Why is Rashida Tlaib allowed to speak her mind and have a seat in Congress. It is because she is a citizen of the United States. It is the same reason that Jew-haters stand up in Israel’s Knesset and also spew hatred to the supposed “violence and oppression” that Israel is filled with. They are able to stand up and speak because they are citizens of the State of Israel.

If they were in Syria, they would not be allowed to express dissent. If they were in Saudi Arabia, they would not be allowed to speak their minds. But in America and Israel, true democracies that allow their minorities to speak their minds, people like Rashida Tlaib are allowed to speak. The very fact that she is able to speak her mind and say how horrible America and Israel are is due to how free and and non-oppressive America and Israel are.

She is correct about one thing. What applies to Israel applies to America. Both are free democracies where freedom of speech allows the lies to be spread and debunked.

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