Happy Jerusalem Day! 55 Years Of The Reunification Of Jerusalem

by Phil Schneider

Jerusalem was the city that Jews yearned to return to for two thousand years. There is probably no one city that can boast such a feat.

But in 1948, when the State of Israel was formed, Jerusalem was split into two sections. The new section was controlled by the fledgling Jewish State. But the ancient Old City of Jerusalem, and within it’s walls the Temple Mount and the Western Wall of the Temple, were both occupied by Jordan. This unnatural separation of the Jewish people from it’s Holiest site lasted for 19 years.

But in 1967, this all changed and the Jewish people, in a defensive battle against Jordan, liberated and reunified the City of Jerusalem. Israel begged Jordan to not join in the battle against Israel. Israel already had a 2 front war against Syria and Egypt. But Jordan believed the lies from Egypt and Syria and decided to join in on the spoils of war. The forced Israel’s hand to fight in the battle. That is how the Battle for Jerusalem evolved.

Today, tens of thousands, if not more, dance their way to the Western Wall from all over the New City, waving flags and celebrating G-d’s delivery of Israel from it’s enemies hands. The celebrations will continue, no matter what the opposition is from the world. Israel knows how to thank G-d for it’s salvation.

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