Behind The Scenes In Our Schools After School Clubs

by Phil Schneider

There have always been issues in what goes on after school hours. But now, things are really going haywire. What is now going on in public schools are gender and sexuality change advancement. What once was a seemingly harmless movement called the gay pride movement is now a radical threat to the basic fabric of society.

How did all of this happen? It is hard to put a label on when and how this movement has taken root. It is also very difficult to label what the solution is to this new massive movement. But some things are clear.

Any time children are being taught to NOT talk to their parents, that is evil. Any time the family unit of mother, father and child is being challenged, it needs to be labeled as a radical movement that has no roots in history, science, or a G-d-created world.

In the mid-term elections that are fast approaching, the number one issue will probably the rights of parents to determine the education of their children. Moreover, parents will be empowered to determine at what age their children are exposed to wacky ideas like transgender lifestyles. If things don’t improve, then private schools will become the next big growth industry as people will stop trusting the public school system with their children.

Col. Kemp

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