HAMAS WAR FALLOUT: UAE-Israel Alliance Continues To Grow

by Micha Gefen

In the years to come, the Hamas War or Ramadan War with Gaza will seen not for the destruction it brought, but rather as a pivotal moment between Israel and its Sunni-Arab allies.

The split in the Arab world on establishing relations with Israel has never been more apparent than during the recent war with Hamas. While countries like Qatar slammed Israel for its defense against Hamas, the UAE and Bahrain largely remained silent.

It is true that much of the Abraham Accords was built on joining forces against Iran. However, the truth is that countries like the UAE and Bahrain never really saw the “palestinian” issue as central to their ethnic zeitgeist. The fact is, the UAE and Bahrain see themselves as ethnically pure Arabs. They know as well as others in the region that the so called “palestinians” are a muddle of recent immigrants to the area. Some came from Chechnya. Others cam from Bosnia and Turkey. True there are bedouins in the Negev who are somewhat indigenous, but the vast majority of “palestinians” are not really Arab. The ones that are can be sources from Egypt as is the case in Gaza and from Syria like those Arabs found in the North.

The Arab world, especially amongst the leaders, purity of Arab ethnicity has paramount importance. Its what makes the culture tick and entrenches oligarchic control over the myriad factions that make up Gulf Arab culture.

For years the Arab world used the myth of the “palestinians” as a weapon against the Jewish state. With the need to do away with a weapon that no longer has a purpose, the great unravelling of the “palestinian” myth has begun. Unfortunately this same myth appears to be gaining traction in the West right when its falsehood has been exposed in the Arab world.

Interestingly, many leaders in the Arab world are seeing first hand that a strong Israel may be their best chance to not only stave off a direct threat from Iran, but can enable the region to stand up to the Biden administration’s attempts to retake control of the Middle Eastern narrative.

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