Blindfolded Jewish Man Stands in NYC and Offers Hugs – the Result will Astonish You

by Leah Rosenberg

How many people do you think would hug a Jewish man in the Middle of NYC to show they stand for peace, too? Be prepared to be amazed.

Jewish Man Stands for Peace in the Middle of NYC

Now this is original. With all the news about so much antisemitism in NYC (and throughout the world), one Jewish man wanted to see how many would stand for peace…through a hug. It was an experiment that proved successful. People of all walks of life wanted to join together with him in peace.

We are living in a world where sadly, there is so much hate. There are people who are judging others. There are people who are hating others for no reason.

And then there are people like Meir Kay, the man who did this blindfold experiment. Meir just wants to spread light and love throughout the world. He doesn’t care about what another human being’s skin color is, what their religion is, or anything else. He just wants peace. He just wants unity. It was heartwarming to see how many people want peace along with him. Recently, it feels like far too many people are antisemitic. It makes you question where the good people of the world are. And then you see the people who were willing to give a stranger a hug for the sake of peace.

This video is a good reminder that there indeed are good people in the world. Not everyone hates Jews. Not everyone hates others.

Thank you, Meir, for reminding us of that.

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