Hamas Is Toying With Us

by David Mark

In the below video, Hamas can be heard telling the hostages to wave for the camera as if they became good friends with their captors. The original video was silent so no one could hear and so it seemed that the Hamas fighter were perhaps not so barbaric.

We all know the truth though. These hostages were ripped away from their homes – many have no parents or children anymore – one is in a life threatening situation upon returning. While most Israelis are not fooled, many around the world have sympathy for the butchers and barbarians of Hamas.

This is a war between darkness and light, civilization and barbarism.

The Torah talks about Amalek and the need to wipe out evil The Nazis were wiped out due to their sheer evil. Hamas will follow in their footsteps and be destroyed as well. We must make sure though not to be fooled along the way.

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